Yorkie 101: How to Calm a Hyperactive Yorkie

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Yorkshire terriers are the 6th most popular dog breed in the world, partly because they re known for their sweet and affectionate nature. But like any other dog breed, yorkies also have the tendency to become hyperactive, especially as pups. Did you know that yorkies can be more hyper when they don't get enough attention? But no worries, yorkie moms, there are many ways you can solve this problem!

Here are a few tips and tricks for calming down a hyperactive yorkshire terrier:

Give him his daily dose of exercise

Experts say that good exercise is a good starting point for any dog training program as well-exercised dogs are more trainable and less hyper. Good news is, yorkies need less of it compared to other dog breeds, but time in the backyard everyday is still not enough. Make it a habit to walk your yorkie for at least half an hour daily - he'll get less hyper and you also get to exercise.

Train your dog to be "calm"

One common mistake that dog owners make is giving treats to their pet during a hyperactive spree, thinking it will calm them down. It is best to wait for your yorkie to calm down then say "calm" or a similar command before rewarding him with a treat. This lets your pet learn an association between a command and calm behavior. Do this every time he acts hyper until he fully learns the "calm command".

Try putting your yorkie in a crate

Just for training purposes, put your dog in a crate when you're not home and when you're expecting visitors in your home. Dogs get hyper and excited when visitors come over. When he's calm or behaving inside the crate, let him out slowly and reward him with a treat.

Hope these simple tips help you with your (adorable) hyperactive yorkie!

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