Simple DIY Ball Toy That Your Dog Will Love

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When it comes to toys and accessories for dogs, there are thousands of kinds and models out in the market to choose from. When you come to think of it, dogs are very simple creatures and they'd be happy to play with whatever you hand to them.

If you're feeling a little crafty, make a new toy for your furry friend! Here's a simple one that your dog will surely enjoy playing with!

DIY Ball Toy for Dogs

What you need:

Old tennis ball (or any old similar sized ball)

1/2 yard of fabric (you can use your old shirt)

A piece of ribbon


Cut the fabric into two strips. Any size you prefer would do but for the sample, the size was 6 x 14 inches.

Fold the fabrics in half and place the ball at the center to easily wrap the cloth around the ball. Secure tightly with a ribbon.

Cut the fabric's tail into 2-inch strips then braid tightly.

Once the braids are done, your pup has a new toy to play with! Easy peasy, right? :-)

Instructions and images are all from If you know any more DIY dog toys, please don't hesitate to share them with us!


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