How To Properly Brush A Yorkshire Terrier's Hair

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We all know that regular grooming is a crucial part of dog care. It keeps our pets clean, comfortable and healthy. When it comes to Yorkies who usually have a long, beautiful mane, brushing is a must.

Here is a simple step-by-step guide on how to properly brush your Yorkie's hair:

Condition your dog's coat

Brushing your dog's hair when it's dry or if he has a skin condition can be painful, so it's important to keep his coat conditioned and moisturized. Purchase a good spritzing coat conditioner for this. If your pet's fur is naturally oily, skip this part.

Brush in sections

Use a pin brush with a metal tip, not one with plastic covering or a rubber back as these can tear your Yorkie's coat. Gently brush the coat in sections from root to tip. You may want to start at the shoulder area where your pet is less sensitive and ticklish.

Watch out for knots

If you find any knots, work away at them using your fingers, not the brush so the hair won't be damaged. If the knot is stubborn, consider snipping it away. Be sure to check areas where hair rubs together frequently like the armpits, ears and groin.

Don't forget the face

When brushing your dog's hair in the face, be sure to be extra gentle. Have someone hold your fur baby still if he's not cooperating to avoid getting his eye poked with the brush.

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