Easy Hacks to Stop Your Yorkie From Peeing in the House

Posted by Raine Orallo on

Untrained pups pee anywhere they please - on the kitchen floor, on the living room rug, and even on your bed! It can get a bit frustrating, but there are simple hacks to train your yorkie to pee where he's supposed to - outside!

Here are a few tricks you could try to stop your yorkie from peeing in the house:

It's all about PATTERN!

A good way to help train your pup to pee outside is to observe their behavior. Like us, there's no set time for when we have to go pee, but more or less you'll be able to observe a pee pattern for your dog. Do they go after eating? When you leave? Mostly at night? Being familiar with your pup's pattern will help you determine when to lead him outside to pee.

Transfer the "pee scent" outside

Dogs don't pee all the time just because they have to, sometimes they pee on a spot to mark it. A trick to try is to pick a spot inside where your dog already peed (they're likely to pee there again) then put a sheet of newspaper there. Put a sheet wherever he pees inside the house to help him associate the newspaper with a spot where he can pee. Then slowly place newspapers outside, starting with one he already peed on. Just remember to get rid of any pee scent inside the house!

Consider potty training your yorkie again

It sounds like a whole lot of work, but remember what you'll get in return. Teach your pup new commands like "GO OUTSIDE" and don't forget to give rewards for each milestone he learns.

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