8 Yorkie Pictures Guaranteed to Make You Smile

Posted by Raine Orallo on

Any yorkshire terrier owner knows that the dog breed is generally bold, confident, intelligent and independent - not to mention lively and inquisitive. That's why it's no surprise that the camera will capture plenty of interesting photos of yorkies.

Yorkies are also known to be lovers of comfort. They love to cuddle up with people or snuggle on soft pillows. They are also extremely curious - they are the awesome kind that chases after birds or butterflies. So if you own a yorkie, get your camera out and you're sure to have an album-full of funny and interesting memories!

Try going through this until the end without smiling...

1. "Ladies, I'm ready for my massage."

2. "Smile for the camera!"

3. "Mommy, where did the rest of my food go?"

4. "Come join me, water's great!"

5. "Hmm, my new friend tastes like chicken."

6. "Five more minutes, please?"

7. "I was born ready for the beach."

8. "Aren't I more interesting than the game?"

 Hope this made your day!

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