5 Times Your Yorkie Is Trying To Tell You Something

Posted by Raine Orallo on

Does your pup do some stuff that you don't understand? Say, bring you random things from outside or sit at your feet? Believe it or not, all those things have meanings - your pet is trying to tell you something!

Here are some common dog actions that we've translated for you:

When he brings you random things

Has your pup brought random stuff to you and dropped them on your lap? This means that he cares for you and wants to give you a present. As sweet as the gesture is, these presents are also things he wants for himself!

When he sits on your feet

Sitting on top of your feet means he values you - in a way he is marking his territory and wants to let you know that you are a member of his pack.

When he takes over your bed

Yorkies are natural bed-hoggers but like sitting on your feet, hogging your bed also shows how much your pet cares for you! He treats you as a member of his pack, someone he can trust, that's why he always wants to be with you - even during sleep time!

When he trashes things around the house

This is an act of frustration from being away from you. He misses you and wants to play! Walking or playing your dog more often helps them release their energy and lets them know that you're there for them!

When he leans against your leg

This is usually done by a dog when he's seeking your affection and attention. He wants to be reassured that you love him and that he's important to you!

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