4 Simple Yet Awesome Dog Hacks to Try With Your Yorkie

Posted by Raine Orallo on

You see a lot of interesting articles online about life hacks - from the easiest way to peel a fruit to the fastest way to fold a shirt. Of course, there's a "hack" for everything, including taking care of your furry friends.

Here are 4 awesome dog hacks you can definitely try with your yorkie:

1. Put that shower cap on!

Bathing a yorkie can be quite a challenge, especially with all that fur and enthusiasm. To help prevent soap from getting into their ears and eyes, let them wear a shower cap during their bath. Just pop it off when it's time to clean their face!

2. Beat the heat with a frozen treat cake!

On a hot day, all we want is to enjoy the breeze out in the yard while enjoying a refreshing drink - and we're not covered in fur! Treat your yorkie with a frozen treat cake - just mold together water, broth, his favorite toys and dog treats all together to make a cake! It's a great way for your baby to stay hydrated and enjoy the outdoors!

3. Let him eat the stink away

Does your yorkie have stinky breath? No worries, it's pretty common as dogs are naturally curious and would eat literally anything they come across. There's also a simple solution - dice up some fresh parsley and mix them up with dog food (either wet of dry). Be sure to cut the parsley up real small so they can't pick it out! If the stinky breath persists, it's still best to visit the vet.

4. New bed for the TIRE-D doggy

Want a unique bed for your yorkie? Recycle a tire - add color to it with pet safe paint, add a fluffy pillow in the middle and your have an awesome DIY bed for your pet!

Did you like these dog hacks? If you know any more awesome hacks for yorkies, please share them with us at our Facebook page :-)

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