5 Mixed Yorkie Breeds That Are Too Cute To Handle

Posted by Raine Orallo on

Yorkshire Terriers are undoubtedly adorable on their own, but when mixed with other cute breeds, one can't simply grasp the idea of cute. To make you smile today, here are 5 gorgeous mixed Yorkie breeds:

Chorkie (Chihuahua + Yorkie)


Morkie (Maltese + Yorkie)

Snorkie (Schnauzer + Yorkie)

Porkie (Pomeranian + Yorkie)

Shorkie (Shi-Tzu + Yorkie)

Which of them do you think is the cutest? Let us know at the comments below or via our Facebook page!


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  • I have a Snorkie. She us my world.She is my emotional support dog. I just love her. Wonderful dog. You should get one.

    Eunice on
  • I love the shorkie, so cute. I lost my Yorkie a few months ago, but am so afraid to get another. The pain of losing one is really unbearable.

    Kathy on
  • All are cute but I like shiTzubest

    Kathy Faulkner on

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