5 Amazing Dog Hacks That Are Worth The Try

Posted by Raine Orallo on

Caring for a pet is a continuous learning process. As time goes by, you learn a trick or two about making everything so much easier living with your dog. Here are a few easy dog hacks you can try:

Lessen that dog fur

Living with a dog means fur all over. Use blankets, slip covers or sheets to keep your furniture clean and fur-free if you allow your pets to play on them. Rubber gloves and dryer sheets also work like magic when removing fur!

Make your own carpet deodorizer

Our furry friends can leave not-so-pleasant smells on the carpet. Forget about expensive carpet deodorizer - you can make your own dog-friendly version using ingredients you can easily find at home like vinegar and baking soda!

Make yard time more fun

Buy a plastic kiddie pool for your dog to cool and play on during a hot sunny day. Plastic pools are inexpensive and is a great way to keep your dog relaxed and busy at the same time!

Introduce frozen dog treats

Simply freeze broth or a sweet concoction on ice trays to make delicious and refreshing treats for your pup. These will not only hydrate them but will satisfy them, too!

Protect your dog's paws during winter

Some dogs don't like wearing boots during so during winter, you can protect your pet's paws from freezing and cracking in the snow by applying Vaseline on them.

We hope you enjoyed these simple dog hacks!

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