3 Tips To Slim Down Your Overweight Dog

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Overweight dogs are at more risk for health problems like arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure and even cancer. If your pup is overweight, here are simple tips you can try to lose those pounds but not his smile:


Consult your vet about how much calories per day your dog needs to consume per day and stick to it - use a measuring cup for dog food so that you feed your pooch no more and no less of his daily caloric needs.

Go Green!

Instead of giving your furry friend store-bough treats and snacks which are usually filled with sugar and little nutrients, why not make your own? Introducing fresh fruits and vegetables to his diet will not only help him lose weight, but will also provide his body with essential nutrients!


A good diet paired with the right amount of exercise per day is the perfect combination for a fit and healthy body. Allow at least 20 minutes each day to walk your dog or to play fetch with him. This not only releases all the energy he has, but it also encourages weight loss and provides plenty of health benefits.

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