3 Effective Ways To Keep Your Dog's Teeth Healthy

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Healthy teeth means a great smile. Taking care of your dog's teeth and brushing regularly is important in order to prevent bacteria build-up and mouth infections. Here are 5 other ways to keep your Yorkie's teeth in the best shape!

Offer healthy food and snacks

Nutritious food means healthy body, including teeth. Make it a habit to feed your furry friend raw fruits and veggies (putting peanut butter on top at first will help them learn to love these foods!) which will make gums stronger, teeth whiter and breath fresher!

Chew chew!

Chewing helps clean, scrape and strengthen dog teeth. Offer your Yorkie a good quality chew toy or a big, uncooked cow bone (ask your butcher!). Don't let your pup chew on a tennis ball - the ball's material acts as a grinding agent that can cause wear and tear on your dog's teeth.

Give dog dental treats

Pups love treats! When they display good behavior, reward them with dental treats instead of regular ones. These were made specifically to remove plaque and tartar, to clean your dog's mouth and to keep their breath fresh!

Aside from these tips, be sure to brush your dog's teeth daily and to consult your vet if you notice signs of bad breath, swollen gums or broken teeth. Always keep your dog smiling healthy!








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