3 Effective Secrets To Stopping Destructive Dog Behavior

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Yorkie puppies, like any other dog breed, are curious little beings. They are a ball of energy and it's in their nature to be playful. Particularly, Yorkshire Terriers live for companionship and do not like being left alone. 

When left for hours without their owners, they get sad and tend to be noisy and destructive. However, this can be resolved with proper training.

Here are a few secrets on how to stop your Yorkie's destructive behavior:

Separation Anxiety

Yorkies are naturally affectionate and they like being showered with love and attention. Many dogs become destructive when they're sad. If you have a full time job and have to leave your pet alone at home for most of the day, there's a big chance he'll miss you, become frustrated and become destructive. Consider getting another dog for companionship or have a pet sitter or dog walker come in.


There's a good chance that your pup chews on things because they're curious and want to explore, without the intention of being destructive. Oftentimes, they're simply bored - they have this high energy level just waiting to be used. The best way to resolve this is to release their energy in other ways - have them play freely out in the yard for a couple of hours each day or to have a daily walk out in the neighborhood.


Some dogs chew on things and make a mess to get your attention. Make sure that you give them the right amount of attention they need. But if the problem persists, what you can do is to give them more attention as well as give them rewards or treats only after good behavior. You can also try to give them new chew toys or relocate them to a new area in the house they can explore - anything to keep them from being destructive.

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