3 Common Dog Parenting Mistakes To Avoid

Posted by Raine Orallo on

What you teach your pet during the early years will help shape his personality. To ensure that your Yorkie grows happy and healthy, avoid these top 3 common dog parenting mistakes:

Not socializing them enough

Pups that are not comfortable around people and other dogs ted to be aggressive, difficult and dangerous. While they're young, be sure that they are familiar with their surroundings, the people as well as pets around them. Have a regular playtime and allow them to socialize with other dogs in the neighborhood.

Not enough exercise

Lack of exercise increases the chances of obesity and other health problems in dogs. Based on his age and size, consult with your vet how much exercise your pet needs daily. Don't forget the daily walks and yard play time!

Leaving your pet alone for hours

Dogs get sad easy when they can't be with you. Leaving them for more than 7 hours (especially alone in a cage) each day may lead to depression and aggressive behavior. Be sure to break the monotony by having someone check and play with them from time to time.

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