2 Fun Brain-Stimulating Games For Dogs

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To have a happy and healthy life, dogs need a balance of both mental and physical exercise. Aside from their daily walks and a regular game of fetch, they also need to stimulate their mental skills - this could be achieved by playing games that make them think and have fun at the same time. It's also great at preventing boredom and it's a great bonding time between you and your pet.

Here are 3 brain-stimulating games that you can enjoy playing with your pupper:

Treasure Hunt

Hide treats or toys around the house for your pooch to find.

Start by placing a toy or treat somewhere your dog can see, point to it and command "find it." Place it farther away or under furniture as your pet gets a better understanding of the game.

Shell Game

Hide a treat under a cup, shuffling it with 2 other cups for your dog to find.

Get 2 cups and put a treat under one. Point to the cup with the treat and say the command "find it" so that your pet knows how the game goes. Shuffle the cups and let your dog choose which cup has the treat. give him the treat if he's correct. When he starts to get the game, add another cup to the shuffle.

Enjoy playing these fun games with your pooch!


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