10 Times Yorkies Won At Life (By Wearing A Costume)

Posted by Raine Orallo on

They say that when you choose a dog breed to care for, you choose one that suits your personality. Yorkshire terriers are fun, creative and inquisitive - much like their owners. Yorkie parents are at the top of the list when it comes to having fun with their pets. They not only love buying accessories for their babies, they love putting them in full-blown costumes!

While Halloween is several months away and is the perfect time for you and your pet to be in costume, yorkies and yorkie parents think otherwise - they're badass all year round! 

Here are 10 yorkies in funny, awesome costumes that will make you go "awww"...

1. The Inmate

The cutest "bad dog" in town

2. Little Red Riding Hood

"I can't find my basket."

3. FBI agent

"You're under arf-rest!"

4. Chewbacca

"Chewbacca.. Hmm.. Maybe because I like to chew things."

5. The Angel

"This isn't a costume, this is my true form.."

6. Race Horse

"With the speed we're going, we're sure to finish first!"

7. The Pope

"I'm a very pope-ular dog."


8. Hotdog

"I'm a HOT DOG.. get it?" *giggles*

9. Katy Perry

"Please get rid of the pup-arazzi."

10. Badass Biker

"Let's rock and roll.. in the grass as we chase butterflies."

If you have pictures of your yorkies in awesome costumes, we'd be thrilled to see them! Share them to our Facebook page!

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